Breaking Bad fanfiction

Here is a Breaking Bad fanfiction that I wrote a while ago.  It’s set after the show and features Walter White Jr. and what he does with the fortune left to him.


Walt Jr. supported himself on crutches made of solid gold. A silver chain holding a diamond encrusted ‘W’ hung from his neck. Black sunglasses hid his eyes that were bloodshot from smoking weed and staying up late.

The journalist followed him closely as he led her into his mansion in the desert. “Is this drug money you got from your father?”

“H-h-hell no, b-b-bitch! I got this from his old friends at Grey Matter!”

“So, you maintain that none of this is drug money?”

“B-bitch, you ain’t nothin’ but a h-hater!” Walt supported most of his weight on his left arm for a moment so that he could pimp slap the disrespectful reporter. “This my house! Wit my money!”

“I’m so sorry Mr. White. Let me kiss your ring.”

Walt generously extended his right hand. Every finger had a ring on it, each with a different jewel. There was a ruby, a sapphire, a jade, an emerald, and some pink thing that only Uncle Hank knew what it was called.

“Which one do you want me to kiss?”

“All of them, bitch!”

She looked up at him with green eyes as she tenderly kissed each rock. He thought of her doing something else from that position. There’d be plenty of time for that.

“So, this is how you spent your money that you received?”

“Hell yeah. My money, my mansion!”

Jessie Pinkman was busy scrubbing the counters when Walt came in with the reporter.

“Bitch, where our refreshments at?”

Jessie quickly got two beers from the fridge, and gave one of the reporter and one to Walt.

“Why ain’t there music playin’? Where the bitches at?”

“I’m so sorry Walt.” Jessie stopped in his tracks as he released his error. “I’m so sorry, Pimp Daddy White.”

Lights darkened as rap music blasted from the surround sound speakers. Women dressed in bras and thongs walked into the room and grinded against Walt and the reporter.

Walt snapped his fingers. “Yo, I want girl on girl!”

One of the black women grabbed the reporters long blonde hair and pulled her in for a deep kiss. Clothes began to come off and Walt cheered as he sipped his beer. Another of the bitches unzipped Walt’s pants and her mouth opened. “This is the l-l-life!”

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