Proof copy should be in tomorrow.

My proof copy of my books should in tomorrow.  I will review them and hopefully see that they are fit for sale.  Then I can start selling physical copies starting tomorrow!  Yay!

Next will be the daunting task of approaching bookstores and coffee shops, trying to set up book signings and consignment deals.  If anybody has any tips, I would highly appreciate them!  Will also set up an etsy shop so I can sell autographed copies as well.


If you enjoy these blogs, please show support by buying my book.  Soon to available in hard copy as well as ebook.

Book trailer for Almost Night II: The Wicked Witch Of The Unspeakable Dimension

Book trailer is up for Almost Night II: The Wicked Witch Of The Unspeakable Dimension. 

Sequel to Almost Night: A Twilight Parody.  Available on amazon here: