Thoughts after reading Game Of Thrones

So, I finally read Game of Thrones.  Yes, the first book.  About damn time.

Not going to post a review, since it is such a famous book by now that anybody who will read it has probably either already read it, or has watched the show.  Though personally, I have not watched the show since I wanted to wait till the book was finished.  Not sure if I ever will see the show other than the clips of sex scenes (Emilia Clarke got a banging body), since HBO DVD box sets are so severely overpriced.  30 bucks for ten episodes?!

One thing that makes me scratch my head is how everybody seems to sugar coat the books since the show has aired.  While I have not read the show, I found this extremely odd.  People say that HBO has added sex and rape scenes.  Wait, did we read the same book?  Just about every other chapter has a sex scene or some woman getting raped in the plunder of war.  It very much is a story with a lot of sex and violence.  That isn’t to cheapen the story, George RR Martin tells a very good story.  It is a very good story with lots of sex and violence though.

It also reminded me of how different my writing was so many years ago.  I had initially planned on writing serious epics like George RR Martin.  In the present though, I write humorous parody.  Just a thought, it is funny how time flies and desires change.

Proof copy should be in tomorrow.

My proof copy of my books should in tomorrow.  I will review them and hopefully see that they are fit for sale.  Then I can start selling physical copies starting tomorrow!  Yay!

Next will be the daunting task of approaching bookstores and coffee shops, trying to set up book signings and consignment deals.  If anybody has any tips, I would highly appreciate them!  Will also set up an etsy shop so I can sell autographed copies as well.


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