Review of Star Trek

A little late, but here is my review of Star Trek.

The film was well cast and paced. It starts off by stating it has been at least three years since into their space exploration mission. It is obvious that these three years have allowed the characters to grow and bond. Kirk is no longer the hothead he was in the last two movies. Chemistry between the characters has improved, and Spock is even more literal by constantly spewing technobabble.

Action sequences are intense without being too over the top. Even at the climax as rock music blasts through hoardes of drones.

The real life death of Leonard Nimoy is integrated into the plot and causes an identity crisis with Quinto-Spock. A rather clever way to spin the plot and explain why original Spock won’t be in any more movies, and a way to send off a beloved actor. Whether Scottie will get the same treatment in the next movie remains to be seen.

Overall, this was a very good movie and I have almost no complaints.